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We aim to develop collective consciousness about the consequence of our daily habits regarding our health, our environment and other living beings. We are raising questions and creating a dialogue about our daily usage of products and how adopting an eco-friendly mindset can help saving the earth.Here are some of our projects.

Greenish pins

are pins that can be downloaded from a private Google map . This is initiated by a group of volunteers build to map conscious and green location for you to download and be able to navigate throughout it.

Green Heart Brand

Greenish has developed a brand named Green Heart, in which it maps the green and conscious spaces/solutions in the market. This involves businesses compiling to our open sources environmental compliance standard and commit to audit session by our team.Through these services.

– Mapping
– Audit/Awareness Sessions for the staff
– Manuals (open source)

Arabic Video content

Aim to bring and create awareness about the environment and sustainable living in Arabic. Please check out our videos

Events and workshops

Delivering workshops and community driven event to raise awareness and engage communities in conscious and rewarding practices.