The team behind

Medhat Benzoher

Chief Manager
Medhat Benzoher, a painter and upcycling artist, graduated from Applied Arts with a graduation project related to climate Change. He founded a student activity named “Reart” to upcycle waste into art works during his early years of college. Medhat facilitated many workshops around Egypt and made tens of artworks from trash to inspire others to reduce their consumption and educate them about the story behind their usage. In 2016 Medhat toured with Shady Abdalla, Mashanna Co-founder to educate different communities about waste reduction through the use of arts. They wanted the waste reduction awareness to spread across Egypt by holding more online and offline activities and workshops. And helping others find conscious solutions that produce healthy and low waste products through an online platform and mapping conscious businesses.
Mashanna, co-founder Medhat Benzoher has dedicated his entire life to work on waste reduction and raising awareness. He had a strong faith in creating impact and allowing change to happen.
But unfortunately, he left us in a catastrophic car accident that left our family and community of changemakers in pain, yet with more strength and determination to continue the journey….

Shady Abdallah

Chief Manager
Co-founder of Mashanna and a theater director. During his business informatics study he worked in marketing and events in one of the biggest corporations in the real estate field in the Middle East, moved from there to work on the integration of theater techniques into social change workshops. Shady started focusing on the idea of behavioral change and breaking stereotypes about gender, masculinity, environment and power dynamics. He facilitated hundred of workshops.
At this journey he managed art projects focusing on engaging communities around Egypt, he managed the Train Project which focused on developing performances with communities in villages around Upper Egypt.
Early 2017, after an awareness tour with Medhat Benzoher they both took the decision to drop their work and establish Mashanna.
His previous path helped him to carry out the mission of Mashanna.

Karim Eldomyati

Account Manager
In December 2013 I found my passion in being a Social Entrepreneur in Sharing Economy, Entrepreneur in Sharing Economy, so in 2014 I co-founded an initiative called Streetbank Egypt to spread the idea of sharing stuff between neighbors.
I faced of financial challenges while preparing for my marriage, because I was still at college, didn’t have a fixed job and didn’t own an apartment. My dear partner and I decided to get over these challenges by simplifying the marriage process and minimalizing what we need for marriage and we succeed. So we started an initiative to spread awareness about simplifying the marriage process and minimizing what’s need for marriage.
I December 2017 we wanted to test our limits, so we decided to try to reach a Zero Waste Lifestyle which was very hard to achieve alone because we didn’t find Egyptians around us who live like that. So, I started an online comu In February 2018 I started an online community called Zero Waste Arabs on Facebook to find people in Egypt and the Arab World who are trying to adopt this lifestyle
This made me meet Medhat and Shady the co-founders of Mashanna and my journey with Mashanna started as an Account Manager.

Marina Adel

Development Manager
I love Nelson Mandela’s quote saying “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Believing that I have chosen to follow my passion and work in several projects working on enhancing the educational experience for children and youth.
I have worked at the Goethe-Institut for almost 6 years in different departments. These years helped me a lot to gain experience in the art, culture and development sector. I have managed several projects and was constantly trying to find a purpose behind every little thing.
Traveling always refreshes my soul and a reason that makes me feel I still have a long journey to walk.